Complications of Multiple Gestation

The Objective of infertility treatment should be the birth of a single healthy child. Many couples view multiple gestation as desirable because they are unaware of the risks on both mother and baby.
Such risks are:

  • Preterm birth in 50% of twin and 90% of triplet pregnancies.
  • A triplet is 20 times more likely to die in first month of life.
  • Premature babies have more risk of respiratory diseases, brain hemorrhage, blindness and cerebral palsy.
  • Congenital anomalies, miscarriages and intrauterine fetal deaths are more common in twins and triplets.
  • Pre-eclampsia occurs 5 times more in multiple pregnancies.
  • Maternal hemorrhage is more common in twins and triplets.
  • Gestational diabetes is more common.

Take home message: Ask your doctor to transfer only one or two embryos in IVF.

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