Family Balancing

Family balancing (Gender selection)

For couples who want to determine the gender of their embryos before they are even implanted in the uterus, we can perform preimplantation genetic testing while completing a cycle of In Vitro Fertilization. The process is much the same as preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) whereby the woman, after taking injections to stimulate oocyte production, undergoes egg collection. Sperm is then added to fertilize the eggs. Around 5 days later, cells are taken from each embryo in a harmless way and are sent for genetic testing. Along with the other chromosomes which will be tested for normality (e.g: Down’s syndrome), the result will show the gender of the embryo.
It is worthy to mention that this technique has not be shown neither to harm the embryo nor to decrease the pregnancy rate. Book an appointment or e-mail our doctors