Oocyte donation

Oocyte donation allows any woman with a healthy uterus, regardless of age and the condition of the ovaries, to bear a child from her partner. At EVE fertility center, designated donors are matched to potential recipients and enrolled in our active oocyte donation program. With this procedure, oocytes are collected from the donor, fertilized with the the sperm of the recipient’s partner and then transferred to the recipient’s uterus. Excess embryos may be frozen for later usage. Donors are usually young and phenotypically match recipients. Blood group matching is essential as well as screening for STDS, and immunodeficiency virus. Pregnancy rate are usually higher than regular IVF, irrespective of the recipient’s age. We accept recipients up to age 52.

As with regular IVF cycles, preimplantation genetic testing, family balancing and embryo freezing can be performed in oocyte donation cycles. Indications for oocyte donation include and maternal age above 44, poor ovarian reserve as manifested by a very low AMH level, poor oocyte quality and known hereditary or chromosomal diseases. Both partners should consent for the procedure and they should be informed about the controversies present when discussing religions and ethical aspects of oocyte donation. At EVE fertility center, we promise discretion, quality and professionalism. Patients desirous of oocyte donation usually complete their treatment within 8-10 weeks from the initial consultation since donor recruitment, screening for diseases and adequate matching may take few weeks prior to initiation of treatment.

Take home message: oocyte donation is the treatment of choice for advanced maternal age, poor oocyte quality, premature menopause and women with serious hereditary diseases, religious and ethical restrictions are to be discussed with patients on individual basis. Book an appointment or e-mail our doctors