Semen Analysis

A semen analysis looks at volume and quality of a man’s sperm. It involves collecting sperm (preferably on site, at the clinic) and evaluating it in our laboratory.
A man masturbates to produce a semen sample. The laboratory personal check the semen sample for:

  • PH level(acidity): normally 7.2-8.0
  • Semen volume : normally >1.5 cc
  • Sperm concentration : normally > 15 million per cc
  • Sperm morphology : normally > 4%
  • Sperm motility : normally > 40 %
  • White blood cell count : normally < 1 million per cc
  • Time to liquefaction : normally < 1 hour
  • Total sperm per ejaculate : normally > 39 million

Before doing the analysis, you need to abstain for 2-5 days.
If, for religious or personal reasons, you can’t masturbate, the clinic shall provide you with non-lubricated condom to use semen sampling via intercourse. Book an appointment or e-mail our doctors